Xenia is an Art Director and Producer living and working in NYC. She begun her career as a retoucher and photo assistant, and has since amassed experience working in all forms of creative production and direction for the likes of Refinery29 and The New York Times.
Xenia loves collaborating on projects with a diverse range of clients, and is always looking for the next challenge and creative venture, small or large. 
In her spare time, Xenia can regularly be found documenting moments and life around the world through photographs and words. Her personal work has appeared in select publications including The New York Times, Nylon, Beyond Ordinary Guides, Suitcase and PDN.
Brooke Nipar; Ben Lamberty; Aaron Richter; Shane McCauley; Steven Taylor; Andi Elloway; Eric T. White; Olivia Malone; Ben Rayner; Jens Ingvarsson; Scott Leon; Dan Wilton; Jay Hanna; Silja Magg; Eric Helgas; Sunny Shokrae; Felisha Tolentino; Jimmy Fontaine; Bella Howard; Justin Borbely; Rebecca Smeyne; Nina Westervelt. 
Selected clients:
The New York Times, Red Antler, Refinery29, Nylon, Nylon Guys, Schon! and Cashmere Agency.
e: xenia@xeniaalexandra.com
i: @xeniarollinson

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